About DCL

NEW (DC Metro Area Cricket League)


DC Metro Area Cricket League (DCL) brings a new structure and organization to the already flourishing and booming, yet unorganized cricketing community in the Washington DC (Metro area). DCL provides a new direction to the endless positive energy brought forth by all the players (especially the youth).

We at DCL are committed to improve the quality of (hard ball & tape ball) cricket in our community. It will also help bridge the gap between these two equally important manifestations of this wonderful sport.

DCL has structured its organization by eyeing long term goals and achievements and has put forth a long term strategy to maintain its excellence and to improve the quality of the sporting events. This strategy can be divided in three stages.

DCL logo (2016)

The first stage, Education is to promote the need of quality and competitive sporting event in the DMV area. This in turn, will help all the participants (especially the youth) to achieve the optimum level of health and wellness. It will also help them learn all important lessons of discipline, hard work and commitment towards the sport in particular and life in general.

The second stage, Diligence would be carried out by putting in place a well thought out and planned out sophisticated structure. This includes the format of the game, its basic organization and providing with all the necessary tools as well as man power required to implement it.

The third stage, Display is a quality cricket competition in a league format enabling the youngsters to display their prowess along and against the best of the other area teams.

To accomplish this goal, so far DCL has arranged and successfully completed nine tournaments / series (DCL edition- 1 to 9) from years 2009 to date, These events were made successful by the priceless contributions of all the volunteers, officials  and the participating players / teams.

DC Metro Area Cricket League (DCL) is keen to invite partners to move ahead in its goals.

DCL Management.

To inquire about qualification in future DCL editions please send your requests at : info@dclusa.org


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