We are committed to provide the highest level of cricket possible in the area. Our philosophy is to create and maintain the most healthy and clean environment both on and off the field. With the help of almighty so far we had tremendous success in achieving our targets and moving towards our goal.

As we move forward we would like to make it accessible to as many people as possible, especially the youth. Having said that, there has been an over whelming demand from the new team(s) willing to join DCL. It is only logical to say that we can only entertain so many requests at the same time. As for the registration requirements, before we go to the next level the following “registration request” needs to be submitted.


Upon receipt we will review your information, if approved and provided there is any opening for a new team, we will get in touch with you to set an in person interview. Once the interview is over and if you qualify, you will be given an orientation about the DCL “rules and regulations” / fees charges etc. From that point on you just follow the rules and wait for the schedule for the upcoming events.

For general questions.

Email :
Voice : 571-234-1385

For all other questions, queries and comments
send an email to the relevant department.

DCL Treasurer :

DCL Secretary :

DCL Operations :

DCL Umpires :


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